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To a certain extent I feel I understand the reasons for some of these problems. “Vietnamese women get serious too quickly,” said one western colleague of mine once. “But with Vietnamese women, you go out once or twice and suddenly they treat you like you’re boyfriend and girlfriend.

It really pisses me off.” For Vietnamese women, when we go out with someone even for the first time, we have already decided that we like the person. They won’t go out with a girl unless they’ve already decided that there’s some sort of attraction. If you like each other, then why not become boyfriend and girlfriend?

But the children will carry the father's last name.

If you’re one of the 236,400 Vietnam-born people living in Australia, or count yourself amongst the 221,100 contingent of Australians with Vietnamese ancestry, Elite Singles could be the dating site of choice for you.

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Can love work between couples from different language backgrounds and different cultures?

When someone is concerned in finding some effective gateway to smoothen the dating process of the world, the modern world will definitely come up with the answer of online based dating platform.

It's been quite a few year that people are taking online dating websites as their prime friends in the process of making new friends around the world. Though there are some cultural barrier and family restraint in making a relationship in this country, a silent change is emerging.

If you are keen on marrying only a Vietnamese girl/woman, you have to be prepared for the cultural and language challenges that you may face while meeting her family. Even if you are convinced about the family and the girl, it is better to do a personal research before you go ahead and marry her or take her to your native country.

Vietnamese woman are willing to compromise and eager to please, but they are not women of easy virtue.

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