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” We nodded, said some goodbyes, and I thought, “OK– we’re done.

*whew* I don’t have to see her anymore” and my causal request would have been ignored, like most of ours are,…right? *wink*) But later that morning, I received an email from her confirming the invitation, *oh brother* but – I agreed.

Any information you have about your dog's genetic background and parentage will be helpful as well.

The average range of onset is from two to ten years, with average age of occurrence around six years old.

Complications of this disease include a failure of the bile to pass through the bile ducts due to the mass that is blocking the duct. This is the second most common type of liver cancer that is found to affect dogs.

While its incidence does not appear to be related to breed, it has been found to be more common in female dogs, and in dogs that are ten years of age or older.

The bloodwork will enable your veterinarian to look for impaired kidney function.

The appearance of the liver will change in certain diseased states.

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