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Bradshaw wasn't willing to label Tomlin as a great coach in December, saying "he's really a great cheerleader guy." "I wish I hadn't had said 'cheerleader,'" Bradshaw said Wednesday, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. I referenced it to on the sideline the camera will catch him a lot of times and he's gyrating, so cheerleading was the first thing that came to my mind." Fellow former NFL player and broadcaster Howie Long did his best to help smooth the waters on Wednesday by suggesting "motivator" as a more appropriate term."Motivator would have been a better word," Bradshaw said. Shouldn't have said the cheerleader part, but life moves on." Tomlin took issue with Bradshaw's initial comments, saying they fall "outside the bounds of critique or criticism."I would have been fine had I never worked again but my old boss called." Cohen, a senior coordinating producer for the NFL Network who had worked with Stark on Monday Night Football, told her the football-only network was looking to hire and they were impressed by her previous work.Stark initially resisted the inquiry, but two weeks following Cohen's call she changed her mind after prodding from her husband.Stark stayed on Monday Night Football for three seasons before the stork called.She walked away from the NFL's most famous program in 2003 to start a family.

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By then Stark had four children, including twin daughters, and had settled into being a fulltime mother in southern New Jersey. "I always said if the right opportunity came up I'd consider going back to work, but I never thought the right opportunity would come because its a lot to balance with four kids," Stark said in an interview with last week.In his 15 years as Steelers head coach, Cowher was 149-90-1 (.623) from 1992-2006, with 10 playoff appearances, two AFC championships and one Super Bowl title. Bradshaw's coach, Chuck Noll, had 193 career wins from 1969-1991.Four Super Bowl victories buy you some liberty when it comes to your opinions.He's a two-time Super bowl MVP, a three-time Pro Bowl selection, and in his first eligible year in 1989, was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. So I take medication to get that proper balance back.I'll probably have to be on it the rest of my life."He's not alone.

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