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The makers of Swara Bhaskar-starrer Anaarkali of Aarah (Anarkali of Arrah) released the trailer of the movie on February 28.

But ahead of the trailer's release, some deleted scenes from the film got leaked online.

User Rating: Anaarkali (Swara Bhasker) is an erotic singer from Aarah, a small town in Bihar.

Speaking about her character, Swara cleared that she isn’t playing a sex worker in the film. We are nowhere in our movie saying that she was a ‘bechaari’ (victim) or one who was just like us.

Also, Avinash Das’ sharp writing is the life of this story, based in the heartland of India.

What’s Bad: One can tell the sequence of the story quite early on, especially where the climax is headed.

In the film, Swara essays the role of an erotic singer who stands up against the powerful ones.

During the promotions of the film, Swara explained the difference between eroticism and porn.

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