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If you have any question about Japanese, feel free to ask :) Thank you. Don't know exactly where I may travel too but thought learning some japenese or Chinese may be interesting. I'm in the field of medicine and also a licenced teacher. Also would really love to talk to people about travelling, maybe even find someone to travel with. I'm looking for conversational language exchange with someone who is patient and willing to teach a beginner."It's very important that girls get a chance to try things that are not traditionally female," she said."When they have the opportunity to actually do those things, many girls find out how interested in them they really are." Once the robots are built, the students make them fight.Dawson Raymond said he felt inspired to do the same in his city of Calgary, Alberta, naming his group "Creep Catchers." Raymond and his partner, Slammington, say they will stop at nothing to keep the children safe when using the Internet.Jonathan Woodward of CTV's W5 documented an investigation into Creep Catchers around the country, featuring Justin Payne, Creep Catchers founder Dawson Raymond, Ryan La Forge of Surrey Creep Catchers and Karl Young (aka Carl Murphy) of the Red Deer Creep Catchers.

According to videos and information posted on Facebook, a group of about 12 people who are members of the pedophile-hunting group Creep Catchers Surrey had gathered to confront a man they say believed he was going to meet a 14-year-old girl.

"It ranges from none to maybe 15 or 20 percent," she said.

But Regan hopes battling robots will get some more girls interested in engineering.

Public and official reactions to groups of Creep Catchers have been mixed, with some supporting the intent of preventing abuse and others noting dangers of vigilanteism by untrained public.

In 2017, produced Age of Consent, a full-length documentary film following Justin Payne, the first to engage in these public actions and covering the ensuing Creep Catchers movement.

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