Gwen stefani dating band member

Kanal, who’s gone on to kickstart three-piece group DREAMCAR since Gwen Stefani’s tumultuous 2015 divorce from Gavin Rossdale, told W. “I think we’re on an indefinite hiatus right now,” Kanal said.

Thank you to the 250,000 Global Citizens who joined us in Washington DC for Global Citizen Earth Day‬ - it was so inspiring! At 43, Stefani – even up close and in this half-frozen state – doesn’t look any different from the way she looked 15 years ago. She has the mannerisms of a hyperactive teenager, talking at such a rate that her words tumble out of her mouth.She has the same white-blonde hair, the same ruby-red lips and the same flawless skin. At the same time, she keeps tugging distractedly at her hair with one hand. B, with an annual income of million (nearly £57 million).It's believed that Gwen and Gavin will share joint custody of their three children, Kingston (nine), Zuma (seven) and Apollo (one), although it's believed that Gavin will have the children more often than Gwen because of her hectic touring schedule.The couple aren't believed to have signed a pre-nup, although Gavin is thought to have agreed to take less than 50% of their shared property.

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