Drake and rihanna dating nicki minaj

Drake and Nicki Minaj are reportedly dating, and judging by the way they flirt, it looks like they have got a hot romance going on.Keep reading to find out more details about their so-called love and why this is exactly what they want everyone to …One image shows the 31-year-old star grabbing onto Drake's crotch as she squats in front of him. Another sees her grinding on him as he kisses her neck.Her provocative outfit consists of a bralet, cut-out leggings and no underwear."She needs to stop teasing that boy.

We're supposed to meet up this week to get some stuff cracking in the studio.

Despite all of her teasing, we're almost sure that Nicki Minaj will never actually marry Drake, and since they know each other so well, she's the perfect girl to give some advice on dating him.

During an interview with , Nicki gave a couple of tips on snagging Drake, and pretty much admitted that she would never seriously date another artist.

You know he wants it bad and she knows she ain't going to give him any.

But regardless the pictures are hot," one fan said.

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