Emachines 466id updating bios

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Many Programs will not allow you to uninstall from control panel, search for the actual program files the best way to do this is to go to computer click on on your hard drive click on program files then look for iconomise then enter the folder and look for a uninstalled in the folder, when you find it simply right click on it and choose run as administrator and that should get rid of it... :) my first thought is activation is broken, restart pc in safe mode (google how to do this), if you are able to log into safe mode under 'your' name, then it's fixable, if not and you can log in under 'administrator', then your user account is corrupt, need to make a new one.

if activation issue, well need more room than this for that on your keyboard you will have a button called Fun, Function or Fn (note colour of the writing on this button)numbers which are situated above the letters there will be pictures on these numbers which turn on and off many things.

AMI BIOS IDs are used to identify motherboards with an AMI BIOS.

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Your computer has the best Intel processor it can support, (Use), right now.Also known as Microprocessor, and short term - Processor)Information for the Intel Celeron 466MHz CPU, Core. (Front Side Bus)Part Number on top of processor is FV80524RX500128]Mobo's, (Motherboard's) made for e Machines are, (Were), made by Trigem, MSI, Intel, and FIC.(First International Computer)You won't find the information about your mobo at e Machines.There is no better processor.(Bummer I know) The CPU socket will be inside the unit located on the motherboard.Usually has a heat sink sitting on top of it clamped down to the motherboard.

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