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The federal agency is charged with protecting more than 245 million acres of public land for a variety of uses, from energy harvesting to outdoor enjoyment.Their mission statement — which has now been scrubbed from the website — was Shortly after taking office, Mr Trump repealed an Obama-era regulation that restricted the amount of mining debris allowed in nearby streams.Experts, however, say Mr Trump may not be able to deliver on his promise of new mining jobs.“The reality is that the demand for coal has been decreasing for a while and it’s going to continue to decrease,” Mr Stone said.Going for a hike in the countryside is not only good for your health - it helps to keep a smile on your face, the study suggests.Scientists across the world have long reported a substantial link between spending time outdoors and an improved mood.

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All of the participants involved lived in the Puget Sound region of Washington state, the findings noted.

As well as increasing England’s ancient oak inventory by more than 50 per cent, the new research also helps to explain why the oak has consistently been more central to English culture than it has been to many continental European ones.

Oaks are strongly represented in so many aspects of English history.

It is the national tree of England and one of the most popular symbols of royalty in Britain – with, for instance, more than 500 pubs called the Royal Oak.

Oak trees, along with acorns and oak leaves, are also particularly common in English heraldry – and adorn countless English aristocratic coats of arms.

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