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A health worker will take a little blood from your arm, use a cotton swab to rub some cells from the inside of your mouth, or ask for a urine sample. A negative test result means either you don't have HIV, or you have HIV, but it's too soon for the test to show it.(If you had unsafe sex or shared needles in the three to six months before your test, it may be too soon to get an accurate result. As of that date, no further information was available. Eddie was a close school buddy of my brother, Bobby, as well as Danny Taylor, Billy Brown, and Tommy St. There should have been an obit in the BDT closer to the February date. You mentioned the American popular music genius Johnny Mercer, an absolute favorite of mine -- "my huckleberry friend." While he doesn't share the acclaim of Cole Porter or Irving Berlin, I find him very much their equal. [BTW, the wonderful "Georgia on My Mind" is a Hoagy Carmichael composition. Mercer who did not attend Mercer School wrote the lyrics to Moon River. I don't recall the commercial about Steels Drive Inn. He was a person of habit and when his neighbors didn't see him for some time, they called the police. There I talked with Mary Jane Shumaker, Frank's younger sister. I requested Georgia on My Mind by Johnny Mercer which they played. There's also much to be said for the stability of the familiar, the connection to roots and the comfort of old friends. Is it true that people with large body parts have great personality? How 'bout some others helping Tracy with his Dick Biondi inquiry. My brother send out an email on February 9th reporting that Eddie had been found dead in his shower. Also, I can drink wine or beer and listen to a combo playing easy listening music. Fred Fredo, as the saying goes, "Variety is the spice of life." And congratulations on living what appears to be a well spiced one. As I recall he worked there for some time and also in South Africa. Fred and Carl - what were the lyrics to the commercal about Steeles drive inn? I recall liking the Steele's Drive-In song but I have no memory of what is was like. [I promise to let the answering machine pick up.] 2. He lived in Florida for a time but returned to Princeton where he hiked the trails at Pipestem ?? Was he related the the Effron who owned the Army Navy surplus store in Princeton? Perhaps Darla can clairfy Eddie Effron actually died much earlier this year. She's had knee surgery and various back problems. When I attend the Concord Alumni dinners, I get to interact with graduates of all ages. Also I wounder what Jeff Shumaker thinks about the Russian medeling?You need to be tested again.) A negative test does not mean you can't get HIV in the future. Friends, family, and/or an AIDS/HIV support group will help you live healthy with HIV.

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